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HTML Drag and Drop

Wanted for Drag and Drop We are all too familiar with the drag and drop of files, folder, and icons on our computer desktop. Drag and drop is a powerful and yet taken-for-granted user interface functionality of any desktop applications.

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HTML Geolocation

Where On Earth are You? Every one of us occupies a location on Earth. This location is specified by a geographic coordinate system of latitude, longitude, and altitude. With the proliferation of location-aware hardware and software, finding one’s location on

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Formidable Web Forms

Introduction Once upon a time, there existed countless paper forms that we had to fill up for activities like applying for jobs, opening bank accounts, admission to schools, and even registering marriages. The list went on and on. In those

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Responsive Web Design Codified

Websites today serve not only traditional desktop monitors, but also televisions and handheld mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Apart from the myriad screen sizes, mobile devices are made to change orientation anyhow at the flip of the palm. Notwithstanding

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Web Storage Wizardry

Introduction The World Wide Web (WWW) is originally stateless. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) – a set of rules that governs communications on the WWW, provides no means for maintaining states. Using HTTP alone, every request for a web page is

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